Learn a little more about our wonderful therapists

Carlicia Mellick

Occupational Therapy

Carlicia has had 10 years experience working as an Occupational Therapist in both the community and hospital settings. The majority of her experience has been in the community setting as she realises that people perform best when in their own environment.

Carlicia has worked with all the different age ranges from young children to the elderly. Having previously been a schoolteacher, she commenced her OT career in the paediatric field working with children with a variety of developmental delays and physical disabilities. She now works largely with the elderly population, however, is deeply committed to working with people with vascular disorders, oedema and lymphoedema.

Carlicia is a level 1 trained Lymphoedema therapist and has worked in both the hospital and community treating people with lymphoedema. Carlicia is both passionate and hardworking and loves engaging with all different types of people. She is a strong advocate for the elderly and people with disabilities and always ensures a person is well supported in striving to achieve their goals.


Emily Coningham


Emily has over 15 years experience within all hospital clinical areas as well as community rehabilitation and management of chronic disease. She has extensive experience (10 years+) as a senior clinician mentoring junior physiotherapists, with seven of those years as a senior physiotherapist with Queensland Health.

She holds a Physiotherapy Honours degree gained in 2004 and has completed continued education within specialised areas of stroke, brain injury and neurological rehabilitation, lower limb prosthetic and amputee rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Emily thus has experience working with people with a wide range of presentations from neurological, orthopaedic, respiratory, falls to complex presentations and needs.

Emily is proactive, passionate and has a cheerful outlook on life.