Learn a little more about the services we offer

Comprehensive Functional Assessment

During the first visit with you, the therapist will complete a full assessment focussing on specific areas (for example strength, balance, cognition) depending on your condition. Part of this assessment includes discussing your goals and what you would like to achieve during your sessions. The need for other services or equipment may be highlighted during this assessment and necessary referrals made.

Individualised Treatment and Rehabilitation

Each person we meet is unique and treatment is tailored to suit your specific circumstances and goals. This may include recommendations for equipment, home modifications, home exercise program for you to complete or education amongst other things. We work closely with you to adapt your program as your function improves to keep you progressing towards optimal independence and participation in meaningful life roles.

Home Modifications

Home modifications are necessary to ensure increased safety and independence around the home. Our very experienced Occupational Therapists will come to your home and complete a comprehensive assessment to determine what type of modifications you will need in your home. We then refer to the most suitable provider to have those modifications installed. If you are on an Aged pension or disability pension you can be referred to Home Assist who will provide the installation free of charge. You will only have to pay for the materials. Sometimes major modifications are required. This may include a large ramp at the front or back of the home or complete bathroom renovations or large modifications. The Occupational Therapist will be heavily involved in this process and can advise on the best possible solutions.

Equipment Prescription

Many people require adaptive equipment to aid in maintaining their independence in the community or home. Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists can assess your equipment needs and recommend the best equipment for you. There is an abundance of equipment out there and it can sometimes be overwhelming particularly if you have never used it before. Our therapists have excellent knowledge of and experience with a large range of equipment and will provide you with information on selecting the most appropriate brand and type. Equipment that may be prescribed includes:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Shower chairs
  • Over toilet frames
  • Electric beds
  • Pressure care mattresses and cushions
  • Hoists
  • Dressing aids
  • Long handled aids
  • Electric recliner chairs
  • Walking aids

Lymphoedema Treatment and Compression Therapy

If you have been diagnosed with lymphoedema or oedema and are requiring treatment, we have experienced lymphoedema therapists who can provide all the treatment you need. We also come to you so you can be treated in the comfort of your own home. Our lymphoedema therapy includes comprehensive assessment, manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression bandaging, skin care and garmenting. If your diagnosis is not lymphoedema, however you are still getting regularly swelling of the limbs we can treat that too using compression therapy including bandaging and garmenting. Our therapists also have experience with vascular disorders and are able to provide assessment, compression therapy and education to assist with reducing symptoms.

Provision of Education Programs

Education is an important aspect of our therapy. We feel that education allows people to continue to understand their conditions and is what helps them to maintain safety and manage their condition most effectively. The types of education we provide includes but is not limited to; Falls prevention, energy conservation, back care and injury management.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is any device, software or equipment that allows people with disabilities to complete everyday tasks that they wouldn’t usually be able to. Examples may include; augmentative communication devices, computer access aids, environmental controls (switches), prosthetics and orthotics, visual and hearing aids and seating systems. If you have NDIS funding our therapists can provide Assistive technology assessments and complete applications for a variety of assistive technology. If you are not NDIS funded but require assistive technology we can look into funding schemes to help you obtain the most up to date and appropriate assistive technology.

Driver Screening and Passenger Modifications:

If your doctor has requested that you get an Occupational Therapist driving assessment to determine if you are fit to drive it can be very overwhelming. Often doctors will request this if you have had an injury or condition which affects your physical or mental ability. This may include a brain injury, stroke or Parkinson’s disease. Our Occupational Therapists can provide driver screening assessments to see if you would be likely to pass a driving assessment or not. This will also allow you to make appropriate decisions about continuing to drive. We also offer driver screening if you are a family member and are worried about a persons capacity to drive. We also provide assessment and recommendations for passenger modifications and equipment to a vehicle and assist you to access funding to help pay for these items.